Garmin Background Information

Garmin was initially founded in 1989 and today is one the world's largest manufacturers of GPS receivers. With a full range of GPS products ranging from simple fitness / running GPS to aviation integrated cockpit GPS, Garmin covers a very wide spectrum of GPS products. Garmin has expanded world wide and now has products and software which contains vast amounts of data.

Information that is available through Garmin GPS products and or a combination of Garmin software enables a person access to such cities, towns, major motorways / interstates / highways, lakes, major streams, rivers, urban areas, railroads, coastal lines, offshore islands, day beacons, radio beacons, RACONs, fog signals, lights, buoys, below water 3D perspective high resolution satellite images and depth contours, scenic routes, trails, service stations, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites hospitals and banks etc.

The world wide information that Garmin collects, updates and maintains is part of keeping instep with all other GPS manufacturers and competitors. Updates to maps and other data / software are being developed constantly.

Popular add ons for Garmin GPS systems are known as POI's which is an abbreviation for Points of Interest. A very basic explanation of a POI is simply that it is a coordinate. When a GPS is turned on, it is constantly updating coordinates so it can show the users position in the world on the display screen. A POI is simply a coordinate that the GPS alerts the user as a special interest.

Garmin GPS systems come with millions of pre installed POI's. The user can choose what POI's they want displayed on their GPS based on their personal interests. Users can also add POI's very easily to their Garmin GPS using a small, simple to use program called POI Loader. POI Loader makes adding POI's to your Garmin very easy, even for the most inexperienced or first time users of a GPS. This includes the Redlight Camera List of POI's available on this website.