Red Light Camera List


We're committed to providing GPS coordinates of every red light camera in Canada, and the United States of America.


Our Naming Convention of the Red Light Camera locations.

The naming of all red light camera locations in this website is based on the Google NAVTEQ map api which used in Google Maps. The built in "View Map" button at each location of this website uses the Tele Atlas map api and therefore some names of some locations may be different or slightly vary in naming. If an intersection has two different names, because on either side of the intersection the street's names change, they are separated by a " - " symbol. The " - " symbol is also used when showing different names of the same street. The "&" symbol always refers the point where the streets intersect.

For example, in Washington DC, "Hwy 236" is also be referred to as "Little River Turnpike" according to Google Maps. In this case it would appear as "Hwy 236 - Little River Turnpike". Crossing over "Hwy 236 - Little River Turnpike" there is a street named "Heritage Dr" to the south, and another street named "Hummer Rd" to the North. The full name for the red light camera location would be "Heritage Dr - Hummer Rd & Hwy 236 - Little River Turnpike". There are three red light cameras for this intersection and therefore a 1,2 and 3 would be at the end of the name for each location.

Our organization of the Red Light Camera locations.

The red light camera locations in this website have been separated by Country, State (For the United States), Provinces (For Canada) and Cities / Towns depending on the distance from a large metropolitan city. For example, red light camera locations in this website for Los Angeles, CA include many other nearby cities and towns because of the geographical size of Los Angeles and the greater surrounding metropolitan area around it. Smaller cities or towns such as Jackson, TN are not beside or included within other metropolitan areas and are therefore, separate. It is very common in this website, to find many cities combined within one city including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Our Accuracy of the Red Light Camera location coordinates.

The red light camera locations in this website have numerical values using eight decimal places for very high mathematical accuracy. Unfortunately, consumer level GPS systems purchased at most retail outlets are not the same as GPS systems used by the U.S. Military. This has nothing to do with the name brand or price of the consumer level GPS. Variance in accuracy can be anywhere from 15 - 50 feet, as opposed to military level GPS systems which can be accurate within 1 - 10 feet or less. This is why it is very important to set proximity alarms for your red light camera location POI (points of interest) files. Some sources recommend between 200 - 1000 feet. This depends mostly on how fast a driver you are, or how much in advance you want to be alerted of a red light camera location. You can assume that no matter what distance you choose for your proximity alarm, you should take into consideration adding another 50 feet just to be sure.

For technical information about GPS systems and the technology behind them go to the following link: